Lean Business Platform

Lean Business is a Norway company that produces tools for entrepreneurs helping them to model, plan, analyze and collaborate on business cases.
Started in 2013 it has been evolved into a very popular system in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, UK and many other European countries.


Available project link: https://leanbusinessplatform.com/

We developed a business planning web application, that follows Lean Business ecosystem. Implemented requirements to reach customers marketing goals. Lean Business Tool integrates with Hubspot platform for extended analytics and user interaction.



  • ASP.NET WebApi
  • MS SQL, Entity framework
  • AngularJS, HTML5
  • SOA. RabbitMQ, win services
  • Realtime data syncronization. SignalR




  • Multilanguage
  • Multitenancy
  • Teamwork support



Developers count: 2-6
Time from wireframe to clickable prototype: 2 weeks
Time from wireframe to beta version release: 5 months
Time from wireframe to public release: 8 months
Software development methodology: Kanban