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Lean principles, e-Assessment solutions, smart and passionate people – this is all here.


We provide you with the team, keeping hand on taxes, insurance, etc. You are free to increase and decrease the amount of dedicated specialists you hire to work on your projects.


We collect the team to suit your business needs. Our goal is to provide your business with suitable team. You do not have to pay much effort to complete your goals, we do it for you.

Human Resources

We can recruit any amount of specialists and act just like an HR agency. You keep all the work with employees on your side.


Lean Business Tool

Lean Business is a Norway company that produces tools for entrepreneurs helping them to model, plan, analyze and collaborate on business cases…


e-Assessment solutions

We’ve been working for 5+ years developing various e-assessment applications. You can get our experience in building up high loaded web applications for various scenarios including universities, schools, awarding bodies, commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Business Tools

Our teams have successfully delivered different systems for businesses over past years – ERP, CRM, business modelling and planning, market catalogs and others. The best of the practices will be applied to achieve and satisfy your needs and needs of your users & clients.

Oil and Gas industry

Norway University of Stavanger was one of our main partner for whom we’ve created a number of useful tools and utilities: oil recovery estimations, energy production and simulators based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Material design applications

In 2015 we started going towards material design web applications. Since then we’ve created many of our applications that are beautiful, simple and easy to understand according to best practices and common sense.


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St. Petersburg office

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Bergen office

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