What we do


We’ve been working for years delivering projects in different areas:

  • e-Assessment SaaS platform
  • Business consultancy tool
  • Oil & Gas tools
  • Alternative energy simulations
  • Document management system
  • Payment processing system

We have long-term relationship with some of our customers and working from their start until now. Our customers trust us to develop and maintain their systems keeping them available 24/7. With our well-formed team of developers, designers, QAs, analysts, DevOps and project managers we make it possible to keep business very efficient.




NRGSOFT offers highly professional, cost-efficient services and solutions for already more than 7 years with a good number of successful projects. Our mindset is focused on achieving key goals of our customers. It can be a quick proof-of-concept, an MVP or a fully operational SaaS platform handling thousands of requests per minute. In each of those cases we collaborate with you and deliver what is needed in time.

We can provide a complete set of expertise to fulfill your needs:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Technologies and solutions selection
  • Architecture design
  • UI/UX design
  • Development, integration, testing
  • Delivery, building continuous delivery process
  • Maintenance and monitoring

What we can do for you:

  • Implement your ideas from scratch
  • Extend and/or modernize existing applications functionality
  • Scale and consult for boosting your application performance and robustness
  • Cloud platforms consulting (AWS, Azure)
  • Web security audit
  • Help building IT processes


  • All
  • Oil Recovery Engineering
  • Offwind
  • e-Assessment SaaS platform
  • SmartPlants
  • Lean Business Planner
  • PetroHub


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St. Petersburg office

Vlad Ogai (En, Ru)
Phone: +7 9117805596
Email: vlad.ogai@nrg-soft.com

AnnaBergen office

Anna Chizhevskaya (No, En, Ru)
Phone: +47 96835731
Email: anna.chizhevskaya@nrg-soft.com