PetroHub web service is designed to search and evaluate suppliers, products, services, equipment, organize tenders and more in oil and gas industry.

This online service allows every manufacturer, third party vendor and other industry players to represent their tools products and services. You can place all necessary information regarding products on company page. You can also increase visibility of your products, highlight your company in the listing.

A digital platform for oil & gas companies

>206 companies registered on
the platform
>313 equipment offerings worldwide

A digital platform for oil & gas companies

>206 companies registered on the platform
>140 service offering worldwide
>313 equipment offerings worldwide

Project Highlights

2 weeks

from wireframe to clickable prototype

5 months

from wireframe to public release

The client needed someone to develop a smooth well-operating web application with the extensive set of features. We listened carefully to their specific needs and challenges.

They already had a first version developed by another team. But in order to align this version with the submitted requirements, we would have to substantially rewrite it.

To keep the project within schedule and budget, we decided to develop the application from scratch.

As our customer was a start-up without technical background, our team explained clearly how much time a feature shipment would take. Consequently, the customer had a better understanding of when MVP (minimally viable product) will be ready.

The previous version of the product had insufficient quality and didn’t suit the customer either in terms of functionality or design.

Our task was to quickly develop and deliver the software to market which was done in time and with all proper functionality.

NRGSoft business analyst helped PetroHub Team with wireframes offering various concepts and options. All materials were sent to design and development.

To keep PetroHub Team updated, we provided regular activity reports by Skype and email.

Even though the application required a complex filters that include multiple categories at once, the project faced no technical difficulties, and issues were promptly resolved.

Case Overview

Customer Location Norway

Energy industry

Project Link PetroHub
Partnership Period May – September,2016
Methodology / Approach SCRUM with 2 weeks iterations
  • Angular-material
  • MS SQL
  • Webpack
  • AngularJS
  • Express.js
  • Node.js
  • AWS Route 53
  • ElasticBeanstalk
  • AWS S3

Delivered solution

Implemented features

Complex filters and Search

The system allows you to apply multiple filters at once to obtain the most relevant result.

Tenders and RFP

Section with the equipment that allows to create, view and work with tenders.

Reviews and ratings

Ability to leave feedback and evaluate company, equipment or service.

Admin Panel

Interface that helps to enter information about registered companies by PetroHub Team.

Comprehensive Catalogue

Catalogue includes information about registered companies, equipment and services.

Access to User Account

Companies on the platform can independently update information about their products and services.

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