Industrial IoT Systems

Our customer is Norway company that develops IoT solutions for industrial companies and real estate agencies.

NRGSoft dedicated team was engaged in development of IoT products.

The first application is Energy Management System for monitoring and control of HVAC systems. The second project is custom development of IoT solution for a leading European manufacturer of innovative agricultural machinery and services.

The scope of the projects was to build hypothesis-driven MVPs, test them on real customers and make adjustments to applications based on feedback.

Project Highlights

2 projects

implemented during cooperation

8 hypothesis

tested during cooperation

3 months

time-to-market of MVP

We met the founders of IoT startup at a technology conference in Norway. Learning about our competences in creating business applications, they told us about their idea of a new product.

They were developing a concept of intelligent applications that extracts data from legacy equipment and combines it into a single system.

As we had successful experience working with several startups, we invited them to conduct a workshop in order to discuss the applications’ prospects and challenges.

Communicating clearly from the very beginning, we offered to start the project with definition of MVP. It is the best way to build a platform that fulfills all requirements and incorporates user feedback.

NRGSoft business analysts gathered application requirements and analyzed data carefully. The focus was on building a flexible architecture to enable users to operate the system easily. Solutions had to connect to multiple equipment and devices, collect and process a large amount of data. Therefore, we decided to make an AWS-based application and take full advantage of cloud technologies.

The customer was looking for a market niche that their company might enter. Rapid prototyping and development of MVPs allowed us to effectively test solutions on real users and make valuable adjustments based on their feedback.

To establish seamless integration with up-to-date and legacy equipment, Microsoft AD and SAP, NRGSoft software engineer had to develop multiples APIs. We built complex software that analyse a vast amount of essential data from different sources.

This data is displayed on the user-friendly dashboards in real-time and can be used to reduce downtime, estimate energy consumption, and even facilitate decision-making process.

Case Overview

Customer Location Norway
Industry IoT
Partnership Period 2017
Methodology / Approach SCRUM with 2 week iterations
  • node.js
  • Angular
  • AWS IoT
  • AWS Lambda
  • Webpack
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Route 53
  • AWS DynamoDb
  • AWS Elastic search
  • Serverless framework
  • Auth0

Delivered solution

Cloud-based solution

Validation, storage, backups and security remain on the side of the cloud provider

Integration with Microsoft AD

Built-in access control for existing active directory users

Multiplatform Accessibility

Easy access to actionable data via any device with a browser and internet connection

Integration with SAP

Efficient usage of data and real-time reports generated by equipment

Integration with manufacturing equipment

Established connectivity between workstations from multiple factories to an AWS-based network

Implemented features

Automated alert system

Solution analyses incoming data and sends alerts in case of errors, data discrepancies and unusual situations

24/7 monitoring system

Handy and complete overview of up-to-date and legacy equipment at the factory

Remote equipment control

Secured access to control and management terminals from desktop and mobile devices

Intelligent management of devices

Application can manage devices automatically by changing parameters according to set threshold

Multiple dashboards

The system collects data from workstations and displays historical and live status of equipment

Access to detailed statistics

Interactive dashboards allows to drill down report and diagrams to receive more valuable data

More cases


Offwind is a software solution built on an open-source platform to optimize energy production of offshore wind farms

  • ASP.NET MVC WebApi
  • MS SQL
  • jQuery
  • Python
  • Python Django
  • OpenFOAM
  • Backbone
  • AWS EC2


PetroHub is online marketplace that allows to find and order equipment and services of oil and gas industry providers

  • Angular-material
  • AWS Route 53
  • MS SQL
  • Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • Express.js
  • AWS S3
  • Webpack
  • ElasticBeanstalk

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