Oil Recovery Engineering

SWORD is a software developed under the Joint Interdisciplinary Project of IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger).

It was sponsored by BG Group, GdF Suez, ConocoPhillips, PDVSA, OMV, StatoilHydro and Total.

The software was designed for a rapid reservoir, field or prospect evaluation, fast screening and predictions of Improved Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR) methods potential.

Started as a reverse-engineering project it had grown into a standalone web-application consisted of independent modules.

Project Highlights

16 months

from wireframe to public release

3 years

of maintenance and support services

International Research Institute of Stavanger was the project owner.

As university researchers had no expertise in web development, they was looking for outsourcing developers who could understand the requirements and convert them into a solution.

IRIS representatives demonstrated us their desktop software solution developed on Fortran, programming language that is mainly used for numeric computation and scientific computing.

This language is not suitable for the web development.
Therefore, CTO of NRGSoft had to find out how to minimize development costs and maximize the use of existing code in a new application.

Additional requirement was the ability to run the application without the Internet, so that users like scientists, researchers and petroleum engineers can use it on shifts.

The first stage of the project was a review of IRIS software architecture and code.

Our CTO established a keen understanding of the full scope of requirements and provided comprehensive product development roadmap.

In order to minimize cost for the client, we learned to run one part of the code using the language interpreter. And we rewrote another part of the code in C# from scratch.

The software is structured into a number of modules which include Applicability Screening, Recovery Factor Estimation, Performance Prediction and Cycle Waterflooding Modules, Steam Flooding, Water Alternating Gas.

We developed a web application that is available offline and can be installed and run on the physical machine or computer.

Case Overview

Customer Location Norway
Industry Energy industry
Project Link Sword
Partnership Period January 2010 – November 2012
Methodology / Approach SCRUM with 2 weeks iterations
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • MSSQL Compact

Delivered solution

Easy-to-use interface

Application consists of several modules to solve a variety of highly specialized tasks

Advanced reporting functionality

Easy export of results and charts to most common formats for all modules

Extensive graphic output

Data visualization offers powerful dashboarding to assist decision-making process

Flexible unit conversion system 

Application supports industry-specific and default systems (e.g., SI, metric, field, lab)

Reached Research Outcome

Outstanding scientific work embodied in a web application

Rapid assessment of the most efficient IOR methods based on high-load simulation

Machine learning and multi-dimensional projections for accurate estimation

Advanced visualization of results in 2D cross-section and approximated 3D (5-spot) geometry

Error estimates for the analytical approximations

More cases


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