Full-Cycle Software Development

From idea to market with team of professionals

Full-Cycle Software Development

From idea to market with team of professionals

We will assist you through full product development cycle


Requirement Specification

To make sure that your idea is protected, we are ready to sign NDA (non disclosure agreement).

Our team gathers information about your vision, desired application and features. It continues with analyses of your business needs and industry-related specific.

TIPS! Clearly define what you want to achieve through the project, and we’ll help to create the entire blueprint of your software development.

  • Definition of general concept
  • Identification of business objectives
  • Product scoping session

Project Evaluation

Realizing what should be delivered, we inform you about processes of development, collaboration and communications.

We allocate the necessary resources, make risk assessment, set project estimation and assign required specialists.

TIPS! Understanding all project aspects, its scope, and approach helps to ensure timely delivery within the specified budget.

  • Range of activities outline
  • Resource pool definition and budget calculation
  • MVP Definition
  • Road mapping and Sprint Design

Wireframing and Prototyping

We create a clickable prototype quickly based on the customer’s vision. It reflects the future application showing the interaction between the screens and how features works.

Clickable prototype can be used to receive valuable feedback from end users. Based on feedback adjustments are crucial for successful product and required to build new and unique user-centric features.

In this case we make sure we can focus on those features which users really need and we won’t waste time and budget on useless ones.

TIPS! This stage brings the visual representation of requirement in the form of several screens and connections between them.

  • Definition of feature set
  • Design of UX mockups and clickable prototypes
  • Preparing initial set of screens
  • Collaboration with Client and Iterations until final versions

2 weeks

from wireframes to clickable prototypes

Do you want to know how to achieve good results in a short time?

UX/UI Design

NRGSoft UX/UI designers analyze competitors’ products, study potential customers, and produce multiple interface sketches.

Testing different ideas, we narrow down vision to the final version. We are passionate about current trends in design and make your application elegant and easy-to-use

TIPS! The design of modern applications involves not only the selection of colors, themes, layout, etc. It focuses on improvement of user experience and aims to make life for users as simple as possible.

  • Design from scratch
  • Responsive design
  • Usability analysis
  • Redesign

Architecture Design

We ensure smooth data flow and make application extensible to support both the near and long-term business objectives.

At the core of the architecture, we put capacity to manage performance, reliability, scalability and usability at any stage of product lifecycle without creation of technology debts.

We also offer technology consulting to implement the most suitable technology stack and well-designed system architecture.

TIPS! Wireframing and Prototyping facilitates architecture design as they determine information flow of the application in the early stage of the product development.

  • Creation of core structure / system blueprint
  • Technology stack selection
  • Microservices architecture



Following the best practices which are a result of over 18 years of work, we tailor our development process to your specific requirements and deliver first-class stable applications.

We arrange regular short iterations of product delivery with well-defined acceptance criteria. We define sequence of features development giving priority to the most urgent and complex ones.

Upon your request, we prepare all the necessary technical documentation for the developed product.

TIPS! At this stage, the prototypes are transformed into working code. This process implies the deployment of a features set that meets specific market segment needs

  • Full Stack Development
  • Open-Source Development
  • API implementation
  • DevOps
  • Continuous Delivery & Integration

Testing and QA

We develop and implement the optimal testing strategy and deliver full-range software testing services to approve the readiness for its massmarket release.

Product testing includes all possible user scenarios, which are checked both manually and using automated tests. We provide detailed report and after your final approval the application is delivered.

TIPS! Testing and Quality Assurance minimize technical and business risks of the application. This process guarantees that users will not come up with frustration using your application

  • Functional testing
  • User experience testing
  • Performance & load testing
  • Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Automated Testing


Business agility has led to the need for more frequent product releases and a dramatic reduction in time between them.

The system may be deployed into test environment in order to collect users’ feedback or can be released into production environment.

TIPS! This stage is aimed to prepare the application for assembly and to release it to production environment.

  • Final QA
  • Minor revisions or corrections
  • Deployment on live production server
We develop solutions that fit into customers’ specific needs

Check out two completely different projects

Web application with offline access

Cloud-based application

Oil Recovery Engineering

Oil Recovery is an engineering solution that was designed for evaluation of the most optimal methods of oil and gas production

  • MSSQL Compact
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI

Cloud-based application

Industrial IoT Systems



This project includes development of two cloud-based Energy Management Systems. The first application is aimed to control air conditioning system of building, the second one is a real-time monitoring of production equipment

  • Serverless framework
  • AWS IoT
  • Auth0
  • node.js
  • Angular
  • Webpack
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Route 53
  • AWS Elastic search
  • AWS DynamoDb

Ongoing enhancements


Stay ahead in the market with first-class support and maintenance service through efficient management and great expertise.

Continuous improvement of product aligns features with end users requirements and reduce time to market for new functionalities.

We will guide you through volatile market and business needs and help in software reengineering to meet changes in environment.

TIPS! Comprehensive user support allows to respond on any user request promptly and to resolve mentioned issues. Maintenance includes troubleshooting and error tracking, bug fixing, performance monitoring and testing, backups and regular ongoing product updates.

  • Ongoing development
  • Performance monitoring
  • Post-launch application support

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