Lean Business Entrepreneurship Platform

Lean Business is a Norway company that created a brand-new methodology for public entrepreneurship support. The company facilitates the journey of entrepreneurs helping to model, plan, analyze and collaborate on business cases.

NRGSoft develops a comprehensive online platform that combines modeling project capability, training materials and communication with advisors.

Started in 2013 it has been evolved into a very popular tool in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, UK, and many other European countries

Platform that changes the way of doing business

>30 universities and incubators >15000 entrepreneurs worldwide

Platform that changes the way of doing business

>30 universities and incubators
>15000 entrepreneurs worldwide
>500 new cases every month

Project Highlights

2 weeks

from wireframe to clickable prototype

5 months

from wireframe to beta version release

8 months

from wireframe to public release

The client was looking for a new development team that would be able to transform abstract concepts into tangible innovative result.

After several failed experiences, NRGSoft was referred to Lean Business Team.

They came up with an idea to create a custom web platform for entrepreneurs that would help to improve business planning using advanced modeling tools and to monitor business activities.

Initially, we received the concept in the form of a speech, wireframes and Excel-based prototype with details, figures, and scenarios.

Provided the initial business analysis, we shared our vision on technical specification and design of the platform with Lean Business Team.

The project was managed personally by one of NRGSoft owners to offer the highest level of accountability and transparency in communications and quality of development.

The scope of project covered full-cycle software development including design, prototyping, development, testing and maintenance.

In order to provide the best service, our team used an adaptable workflow that guarantees quick respond to featured refinements and updates.

We delivered a white label web application for business planning with an extensive feature set which is flexible enough to streamline the functionality to changing users needs.

Case Overview

Customer Location Norway
Industry e-Learning
Project Link Lean Business Platform
Partnership Period 2013 – present
Methodology / Approach Kanban
  • MS SQL
  • HTML5
  • AngularJS
  • Win services
  • DynamoDB‎
  • SOA
  • RabbitMQ
  • AWS S3
  • C#
We have a completely unique relationship with Lean Business, which has become even stronger than a long-term and reliable partnership. Instead of being just a service provider, NRGSoft became an essential part of Lean Business Team.
Roman Chizhevskiy, CBDO

Delivered solution

Mobile-First Design

Mobile solutions for greater flexibility and outreach

User-friendly and elegant UI

Easy-to-use and cutting-edge design of the platform

Multi Tenant

Architecture that allows to customize solution for multiple clients

Single Sign On

Advanced synchronization capabilities across different devices

SaaS Ready solution

Available in cloud environment

Multiplatform Accessibility

Multiplatform-friendly platform available on any device

Embedded API

Opportunity to integrate the platform with corporate systems

Advanced Customization Options

Change the system configuration, including language, dashboards, etc.

Integration with HubSpot

Extended analytics and user interaction

Implemented features

White label solution

Organizations can put their own branding, customize terminology, translation and reports

Calendar and events management

The platform allows to create meetings between advisors and entrepreneurs within shared calendar

Built-in media player

A great tool for imparting complex ideas concisely. Failproof infrastructure for online video library guarantees the quality of courses

Embedded messenger

Enable entrepreneurs and advisors to collaborate meaningfully every step of the way. Additionally, chat is a perfect collaboration tool for the team

Notification system

Instructors can send out customizable notifications for specific dates and events

Customizable dashboards and pre-built reports

Entrepreneurs can export the reports to MS Word using business plan generator

Easy progress tracking

Advisors dashboard allows tracking the entrepreneurs’ progress and displays detailed analytics and reporting

Database for courses and materials

Platform offers access to educational materials in an interactive form with guides and recommendations

Multilingual system

Ability to change platform language:
To add or to turn off required languages

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