Cirrus Assessment

Cirrus BV is a Netherlands company that came up with the idea of a new cloud-based e-assessment solution.

The key differentiator of the solution is a flexible, advanced assessment process and innovative features. Considerable time was devoted to design of a modern user interface which allows to improve the user experience.

The scope of the project was to create a stable, scalable, high-quality  product from scratch that started in 2013 Q4.

e-Assessment platform with user driven interface

The winner of “e-Assessment Awards 2017” Official e-assessment platform of Universities and certification centers

e-Assessment platform with user driven interface

The winner of “e-Assessment Awards 2017”
Official e-assessment platform of Universities and certification centers

Project Highlights


platform availability covered by SLA

1 500 users

passing the exam at the same time without losing in reliability

Cirrus was looking for a strong web development partner to implement a custom cloud-based e-assessment application.

They sent RFP (request for proposals) to several companies and chose NRGSoft based on portfolio, affordable price and flexible access to a wide variety of technical and business experts.

During the first call, the client pitched us the idea and full vision of the system. We found out that he needed a reliable web application that ensures smooth operation during high loads.

The main requirement was a modern user interface that can be constantly updated to meet market needs.

After an internal evaluation of the project, we provided the client with a realistic budget and timeline forecasts.

The scope of the project covered the following services:

  • Designing efficient high-load architecture
  • Designing the wireframes for the application
  • Providing the UI/UX design and making it consistent with the color schemes and design guidelines
  • Development of web application
  • Quality Assurance and Testing

To create a user-friendly and competitive design, we conducted our own analysis of competitors’ interfaces and offered proactive suggestions for improvement.

As a business model of the product has changed several times due to market needs, we ran Agile Sprints with two weeks interval. It allowed to listen to customers’ feedback and to incorporate minor changes and adjustments into the system promptly.

We made the whole process easy and transparent through Slack and Skype making daily progress reports on the project.

Case Overview

Customer Location Netherlands
Industry e-Learning
Project Link Cirrus Assessment
Partnership Period 2013 – present
Methodology / Approach Agile / SCRUM
  • Alt
  • ReactJS
  • HTML5
  • Redux
  • Backbone
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3
  • C#
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Hangfire
  • mongoDB
Over 7 years of tied collaboration, NRGSoft has become a flexible and trusted partner for Cirrus BV. As a result, we fully empowered our partner to navigate development of the features and adapt the priorities to strategy changes.
Vlad Ogai, CEO

Delivered solution

Cloud-based solution

  • Multi Tenant
  • Scalable
  • Secured

User-friendly and intuitive UI

Easy to design and deliver assessment


Customization of language based on location

Embedded API

Smooth integration with LMS/VLE or corporate systems

Implemented features

Innovative assessment features

Ability to convert natural hand-writing of text, accounting entries, equations or mathematical expressions into digital form during an assessment

Test leakage protection

When transmitting data, the system encrypts test tasks to prevent leakage

19 question types available with opportunity to add new formats

Involves multiple choice, multiple response, numeric, order and other types of questions that can be autoscored or manually marked

Different user roles

Involves five user roles with different levels of permissions: Candidate, Scheduler, Author, Administrator and System administrator

Integration with OpenText Capture

Ability to print questionnaire form, answer the test with a pen, scan it and send to the system

Resistance to Internet outages

The platform has a clipboard that saves responses even offline


Notification system sends reminders to candidates and invigilators using default template

Manual question creation and import

Manual creation of tests and easy import in common formats including Excel, XML, Moodle, and QTI/QTI TAO

Candidate dashboard

According to assessment settings dashboard displays tests results, upcoming and completed exams

Pre-built reports

Access to candidate results, statistics per item and assessment with opportunity to export to Excel

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